Our product formula at The KingBuddhaCBD has always been tailored towards suiting all your preferences. We offer white label options as well as constantly-evolving, innovative formulas to satisfy the appetites of those who are always wanting more.

We have a team of highly trained PhD chemists whose jobs it is to consistently push the boundaries of innovative product formulation. Our aim is to deliver a turnkey process where you and your brand are able to select any of these innovative formulas to suit your visions and objectives.

Custom Formulation

The KingBuddhaCBD makes use of an industry-leading product formula in all our products. Pushing the scope further, we are also proud of our reputation as a company that constantly strives to discover even more innovative product formulas that you and your brand can work with and carve a unique identity through.

Research and

The KingBuddhaCBD we spare no expense on research and development. It is far too easy to remain complacent and satisfied with the status quo. But we recognize here that the key towards growth and success is constant research and development. The Emerald Corp boasts of having some of the brightest mind in supplement formulation, and, as you'll find, our results speak for themselves.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are absolutely paramount towards achieving the goals laid down above, and we're glad to inform you that here at The Emerald Corp, they are, and will continue to be, a major aspect of our daily operations.

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Product Testing

Moving on from our clinical trials, we reach another critical and equally important stage which is product testing. The Emerald Corp employs a strict and effective product testing strategy that ensures that our products are in full compliance with industry ingredients regulations, are of the highest quality, and are competitive in their pricing.

Third Party Testing

While we at The Emerald Corp carry out a thorough and extensive product testing activities ourselves, we also recognize the importance and trust level generated through having established and highly respected 3rd party organizations carry out their tests on our products, and as such we make sure that this, too, remain a core part of our services and operations..

Formulation Experts

Other Capabilities


The major purpose of branding is to provide proof of uniqueness and transcendence. This, luckily, is what King Buddha is all about.

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Many people would say manufacturing is an art. Here at King Buddha , we really couldn't agree more.

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Our product formula at King Buddha has always been tailored towards suiting all your preferences.

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