The King Buddha Process

The King Buddha Process

When it comes to quality CBD our five-step process sets the standard. From a tiny seed, to a beautiful hemp plant, to the extraction process we promise to deliver top-quality CBD. And yes! Our hemp is grown on USA farms.

Superior Hemp Farming

Every batch of CBD is extracted from organic hemp grown in nutrient-rich soil in the USA. Each natural proprietary strain of hemp is fully USDA Certified Organic and used to create the products you love.

Using state-of-the-art farming ensures the delivery of high quality hemp for each strain. It helps to make sure our products are safe, regulated and unsurpassed in potency and consistency under strict guidelines.

Advanced Proprietary Extraction

When you see GMP, you know we are operating under the highest standards for manufacturing.

We only source our organic raw materials from facilities that use advanced extraction technologies and a purification process that involves CO2. Why? Because preserving a hemp's beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids ensures the highest quality broad and full spectrum is available.

But we're not quite done...

Testing raw materials

Every raw material goes through a rigorous testing for pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, microbials and more to make sure we're using safe, top-quality ingredients in our formulations.

The formulation

Here's where the magic happens. Each raw material is transformed into products we are proud to put the King Buddha label on. The oils, topicals, edibles, and more are formulated by a pharmaceutical team under strict guidance and vision of our CEO and co-founder.

Third-party independent lab testing

Before we release the products into your home, each one is sent to an award winning third-party lab testing facility. This is our commitment to providing premium products to you for a better and healthier life.

You can expect the best organic ingredients possible. Every lab sheet is made available to you via a QR code linking the third-party test results on all of our product packaging.

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